Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Waiting for Godot


Not having a diagnosis, 
Not knowing if I will get better, 
Not knowing if I will get worse, 
Not knowing if I will be able to shower/cook/read/sleep during any given hour, 
Not knowing if hubby will have a hissy fit,

Having watched friends drift away,
Having lost contact with co-workers,
Watching hubby leave for work every day,
Watching my kid apply for college.

I find myself waiting. 
I am constantly waiting. 
Yet no one comes.
No one calls. 
Nothing is resolved.
I do things to pass the time. 
Rumbling around my four walls; 
I read,
I watch TV,
I surf the Internet.

Always waiting. 
Constantly in that agitated state. 
I wait some more.

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