Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Food Report

Warning: this post is going to be a bit scatter brained since I'm having a bad day.  I did too much as usual.

As you might have figured out my juicer came the other week.  So far I've been drinking a simple recipe of 3 carrots, 2 celery stalks and 1 small yellow beet.  I love carrot juice so I haven't veered from this yet.  I need to mix things up a bit and have found a couple of other recipes from my juicing book that I would like to try.

Anyway, I've been eating grass fed/free range/organic/pastured meats for about two months.  I've been grain free and sugar free for about six weeks (and yes I cheat a lot on these two).  I've been drinking raw milk for about a month.  While I got my juicer over a week ago I'm still not using it on a daily basis but this is my goal for the upcoming weeks.  Here is what I tend to eat daily.  The schedule is off because I get up at 11am and go to bed at 3am.

Breakfast @ noon: eggs with either spinach or herbs and raw milk cheese, black tea with milk
Snack: yogurt and fruit or cheese and vegetable or fresh juice
Dinner: grilled meat and two vegetables, kombucha or water with lemon
Dessert: raw milk or piece of fruit
Late meal @ 10pm: salad with protein or soup
Late snack (not always eaten): fruit or nuts or cheese or a combination if really hungry or instead of late meal if I'm not very hungry

I try to drink at least two glasses of filtered water a day.  If I'm having stomach issues I add lemon.  For some reason it is much easier to digest than plain water.  I have three cups of black tea with milk in the morning and an assortment of juices and Kombucha during the day.  If I've talked someone into making me some carbonated water I have home made ginger ale which has way less sugar than commercial stuff and it is raw cane sugar not the processed white stuff.

So far I've stopped taking Prilosec all together.  I don't need it.  I'm not even bringing up stomach acid at night any more.  Woohoo!!  The few odd times I do have stomach problems I can trace it back to a cheat on my diet.  I might have eaten out or had some wheat product or cupcakes.  My bad.  However it tends not to be too bad and easily controlled with Tums or activated charcoal.  Yay!

My head is much clearer most days.  I've started reading again.  I've managed to drive short distances a couple of times.  I can read complicated material some days.  I'm not as dizzy.  I can stand for longer periods of time.  I'm in less pain and have cut back on the steroids as a result.

My energy is slowly increasing and my recovery time slowly decreasing.  On my good days I have fallen into the routine of doing something for 1-2 hours and then laying down for half an hour then getting up and doing something for another 1-2 hours and then laying down again.  This seems to work for several days in a row before transmographying into a couch sloth again.  It is hard to tell how long I could keep this up since the glutathione IVs interrupt this rhythm and puts me in bed for a day and a half each week.

It is difficult to tell how much of my improvement is from diet and how much is due to the glutathione.  Since some of the improvements were occurring prior to the IVs and I feel crappy if I cheat on the diet, I do know the diet changes are doing some good.

I've also been trying to be better about taking my supplements.  I had gotten into the habit of skipping a lot of them or not taking enough doses.  I'm very good about taking my morning pills but for some reason I never get around to taking the stuff at dinner and I never touch the oils/essences I'm supposed to take.  Hopefully the better diet will start making up for the lack of supplements.

Food goals:
Eat 9 cups of vegetables and fruit a day: 3 have to be leafy greens, 3 colored veg, and 3 whatever
Juice daily
Shift over from commercial yogurt to home made
Try sauerkraut
Make more Paleo bread (yummy and satisfies my carb cravings)
Add kelp and brewer's yeast

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