Sunday, October 9, 2011

Glutathione IV: Week Three, Part One

The herx wasn't as bad this time.  I had full blown neuro symptoms after the IV.  I had 500mg this time.  While I didn't get the nasty taste in my mouth I did have a fair amount of nausea on the car trip home.  Yuck.  I spent the rest of the day needing my walker to get around the house.  I couldn't do anything but lie down in bed.  My son had to make dinner.  Hubby got all crotchety on me cuz he hates seeing me like this.

The next day though.  My head was clear.  I was happy.  I was still low on energy but I had a wonderful day out on the deck reading and sunbathing.  I lumped around and then made a nice easy dinner.  I took a detox bath with a cup of baking soda in it.  Not sure how much it helped since the hot water always brings on worse symptoms with me but the hot bath felt great.

Today was a bit rough emotionally.  I seem to be doing some emotional housecleaning.  This also effected my energy levels which were all over the map.  However, once I got done crying, I made dinner, loaded the dishwasher and then went out for a car ride.  After which I walked back into the house unassisted!!  I almost always have to have help back into the house after riding in the truck.  Instead I walked all by myself and didn't even feel off balance or dizzy.  How great is that!?!

I've got my list of things I want to cook this week: raw yogurt, creme fraiche, sauerkraut, Paleo bread and maybe some cream cheese.  My juicer arrived today so once I get all the bits washed I'm going to have to try that out.  I loaded up on vegetables at the farmer's market today so I'm having fresh juice tomorrow.  Woohoo!!

I'm slowly reading Minding My Mitochondria.  I've loaded up the fridge with kale but I'm still not sure what Dr. Wahls recommends doing with it.  I'll have to skip to the back and look up her juicing recipes.  I've also read chunks of Juicing, Fasting and Detoxing For Life but I'm scared to try it.  I'm worried that the herx reaction will put me back in bed and if that happens I won't be able to carry on with my funky diet.  Baby steps.  Baby steps.

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