Friday, October 28, 2011

Glutathione IV: Week Six; Part One

1000mg today.  No nausea.  No car sickness on the way home.  I'm wiped out but didn't have to sleep like last week.  I even had a glass of milk with no repercussions.

Tomorrow I see Dr. Komaroff.  I was putting my medical notes together and was reading the notes I made two weeks ago for my bimonthly primary visit.  I can't believe the difference in just two weeks.  I'm cooking everyday now.  Not just breakfast and dinner but extras like muffins and bread and yogurt.  I'm standing for longer periods.  I'm walking around stores again.  I walked into the library today which is the first time in months.  I even made it into the stacks.  I can't remember the last time I was wandering the rows of books instead of hanging out in the new book alcove on the first floor.  I drove yesterday.  Again another first in months.  I stood for part of my shower today.  This morning before my appointment I made muffins and eggs for breakfast, threw together dinner in the crockpot and then showered and I was still okay for the trip to the Marino Center.  Here I am still awake.  No nap.  No collapse.  No neuro symptoms.  WOW!!!  I'm tired but WOW!

I'm curious what the famous doc is going to say.  Is he is going to scold me for drinking raw milk? Is he going to be offended that I'm having glutathione IVs?  Is he going to scoff at my supplement regimen?  The assistant couldn't believe some of the stuff I'm taking.  Of course I wasn't taking any of the traditional western medicine stuff she listed off.  This is going to be interesting....  I'll let you know what happens.

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