Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tummy Troubles

I have been having moderate tummy troubles this week.  There are several suspects to blame so I really don't know which one caused the problems.

Possible causes:

  • Glutathione?
  • The crappy sauerkraut I made last week?  Yes, I tasted it before I chucked it out.
  • The new raw milk I bought last week from a different farm?  They had been shut down about a month ago and reopened after they passed further testing by the state.
  • The new yogurt I just made?  Highly unlikely since I was having this problem last week before I made it and tasted it.
  • Stomach is rebelling against the new diet?
  • Going through herx from die off from diet?
  • Not handling the high fat diet well due to lack of gall bladder?
  • Drinking Kombucha that got left out overnight?  That shouldn't be a problem since this stuff is brewed at room temp.
  • Got a stomach bug?
  • Simply doing too much?  Mom is here so I'm more active than normal.
Stuff I'm doing to help it:
  • Drinking bentonite clay.  This helps but only temporarily.
  • Taking activated charcoal caps.  Again helps but only temporarily.
  • Avoiding cultured foods. 
  • Made chicken soup today.  Only food I could even consider eating.
  • Drinking peppermint tea.  Drinking water and lemon water makes it worse.
The only symptom is discomfort.  Occasionally it turns into full blown heartburn and I have to resort to using Pepto Bismol but generally I simply have no appetite and feel yukky.  It isn't nausea.  I do have some burping, farting and tummy rumbling but nothing else.  It is truly odd.


  1. makes it hard to work out which is the trigger aye.

    I had some toast for breakfast yesterday - cos I just did.... well I farted & farted all afternoon - I WONDER....
    Abbey hasn't been eating much at all so she is still going well on new way of eating. No improvement yet but she is in a bad crash

    Love Leanne

  2. If her system isn't detoxing well the new foods might make her crash for a bit. I've heard of this happening to several CFSers. Once the crash is over she should perk up quite a bit. Be warned the crash from the diet could last a month or three so don't get discouraged if it appears to not be working.