Friday, August 20, 2010

Cymbalta for Fibro?

Just read this article on Yahoo News

Not sure I like the idea. I no longer trust drug companies. I went through a bout of major depression about ten years ago. Although I told the doc I did well with Prozac he tried me on every new drug on the market first. I felt like a human guinea pig. Cymbalta was one of the drugs I tried. Of course now I don't remember what side effects made me stop taking it but the whole ordeal was horrible. Each drug had an intolerable side effect. One would give me muscle weakness, another thoughts of killing my relatives, a third would make me loose time (blackout?). After several months of this I stopped all meds. I couldn't take the experiment anymore. I swear the guy was looking for something he could get a kickback from a drug company for prescribing. Why would he put me through this when an older drug had a proven track record for me personally?? Why torture me like that when I was in the middle of a depressive episode?

It makes me nervous that I might end up back on this stuff for my new illness. I can just see this illness turning me into a guinea pig all over again.

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