Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Quest for the CFS Marker

The main reason I don't have a diganosis yet is that there is no marker for CFS. To obtain this diagnosis you have to have a convergence of paranormal events: a doc that believes this is a legitimate disease, the abscence of other diseases and meet the CDC criteria. So far I've got two out of three. Right now I've only been sick just shy of four months instead of the CDC required six.

The Whittemore Peterson Institute did a study that linked CFS with XMRV, a weird retrovirus and today a study was published by the NIH/FDA that backed this study up. This has several implications: they are on the right track, XMRV might be a cause/trigger, it may be useful as a marker. I now have some hope that I might have legitimacy, a diagnosis and possibly a cure (or at least symptom relief/control) within my lifetime. How cool is that??

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