Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pooped and Bored

What else is new? I didn't start out this way this morning. I felt pretty good when I got up. As a result I tried cleaning up a little bit. Nothing major just putting a few things away. When I got tired I sat down on the couch and bingo the cleaning lady showed up. Crap. I need a shower because I have to go see my chiropractor and they have to clean the bathrooms. "Just 15 mintues" I told her and I popped in hubby's shower cube to top and tail it as my mom says (i.e. only clean the bits that need it). Throw on some clothes and I'm done but now I really need to lie down but all I can do is sit because the cleaning ladies are int he middle of making the beds. 20 mintues later we leave for the doctor's office. We go there and spend an hour chatting. He fixes me. He fixes hubby. We talk some more and finally leave. The chiropractor is worried about me and is going to call a couple of people he knows for consults.

On the way home we decide to go to the market for dinner supplies. I go in with one bag for three items. I'm lagging way behind hubby at this point. I'm dragging and know that I should be prone on a couch or bed. I end up with over a half dozen bags of stuff, mostly picked up by hubby. Kid volunteers to cook but I have to supervise so I am still upright barely balancing on a bar stool next to the stove giving him directions. I need to close my eyes. I'm dizzy and crashing hard. We get to the point where everything just needs to sit there and cook for ten mintues and I finally get to lie down on the couch. I'm wrapped up in blankets cuz now I'm freezing as well as dizzy and tired. Hubby checks on me. I send him into the kitchen to check on food and kid. Fifteen minutes later I have to get up again to eat. The food was excellent. The kid did a fantastic job. Hubby looks at me and tells me I look like hell. No shit. I feel like hell. After the family dinner chat and lots of compliments to the kid I'm mercifully back on the couch wrapped in my fleece bathrobe. I sleep for an hour with my cat. This sucks.

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  1. Sounds exactly like one of my days. I'm sorry.