Monday, August 30, 2010

Infinite Daze

Just read this article on BBC News and it might just give new meaning to my blog title. The article is on some research looking into the use of cannabis as a pain medication. Although it was a carefully controlled study I still had images of Cheech and Chong going through my head.

While the drug offers only mild pain relief without the psychotropic effects due to the lower dosages, it had some beneficial side effects. It actually reduced anxiety, depression and sleep disturbances. Those of you who live with Fibro know that these all go hand in hand. To find one drug that has minimal side effects with multiple benefits would be a godsend. I just wonder how long it is going to be before they get done with the clinical trials and bring it to market. Right now they are trying to figure out if it should be inhaled or swallowed in pill form.


  1. This is talked about so much...there would be a lot of happy pain-free, nausea-free people if they could just decide to legalize it. We could all wear tie-died tee-shirts and flash the peace sign endlessly. And feel better....maybe.

  2. I have such mild pain most days that this would probably work very well for me.