Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Just went to my primary today. I wrote down all my sypmtoms just so that he had a record of them and so I wouldn't forget anything. I have pretty bad brain fog today so it was the best tactic. We discussed my virologist's diagnosis of mono vs my symptom list. Since I now am having trouble with my jaw joints and nerve in my face to the point of not being able to chew and I'm scratching my nose constantly, he decided that I probably didn't have mono and it was a good idea to send me to see a CFS specialist. I think the virologist gave me that diagnosis since he doesn't believe in CFS. I asked him some questions about it and he totally brushed it off as a legitimate diagnosis. Thank goodness my primary believes it exists. He is going to do some research and find a really good CFS doctor in my area and get me a referal. Yeah!! I can't believe I'm four months into this and am still sick. Ugh. I wish I never had the TB tests. Those halted my progress towards wellness. At least I am plataued right now and not getting worse.

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