Thursday, August 26, 2010

Of Blogs

I have actually been blogging for several years now. I orginally started writing when I returned to the ice as an adult figure skater. Yes, 40+ years old learning how to jump and spin. My family and friends all wanted regular updates on my progress and I found myself spending hours writing the same email over and over again. So I decided that it was much less time consuming if I started writing of my exploits in a blog.

I started in LiveJournal. After a year I wanted to add videos of my tests but I had to pay for that service so I switched to Blogspot. Now I can add all the pictures and video I want. Blogspot was fine for my skating blog because it was just a chronical of my skating. Now that I am blogging on CFIDS and my own illness I am finding that I want to collect things: videos, papers, links, images. This blog is turning into an odd combination of scrapbook and file cabinet. As such, I have again run up against the blog's limitations so I have been looking at Wordpress. The trouble is that I have bad brain fog on most days. Because Wordpress is flexible it is also is complicated. I can't even follow the instructions for it. I know a lot of CFIDS/Fibro bloggers out there use Wordpress so if you have any suggestions or comments on blog design and design software please let me know.

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