Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hey Lois, My Thing Went Off

My internal thermostat is broken. For some reason it reminds me of this Family Guy clip. The bugs that have taken up illegal residence in my body keep messing with my thermostat. I'm cold one minute and sweating buckets the next and then be freezing cold again all within the span of fifteen minutes. It gets worse with humidity and is killer when it is both hot and humid even if I am sitting in air conditioning (which makes me cold). The only time I seem to be comfortable is in dry 75F. If I'm tired at least I only get cold then.

I hate the hot flashes. The palms of my hands and soles of my feet sweat. Even my eyelids sweat. Every inch of me perspires while sections of my skin are freezing cold. Weirdest thing ever. I swing between wanting to crawl into a freezer and an oven.

Today is hot and humid so I'm miserable. I tried climbing into my pool which is a nice 78f. I lasted less than five minutes because I got instantly chilled. I hate days like this I just can't get comfortable temperature wise. I heard that the bugs can mess with the endocrine system. I think they are all laughing their heads off while swinging my thermostat between 90F and 50F. BTW, the temp I feel has nothing to do with my internal temperature. Last month when I was tracking my body temp I could be running a fever and feel fine and have a normal body temp while having an episode. Ugh. When are they going to figure this out??

Don't be surprised if the video clip quits working. It is copyrighted material. If you google "Family Guy thermostat" you might be able to find another copy.

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