Monday, January 31, 2011

A Bad Day

Good God I hate coming off psychotropic meds.  The sunburn has gone and my regular aches and pains have returned with a vengeance.  But OMG am I ever in a foul mood.  Usually I have a reason that I'm in a dark mood but not this time.  I'm having all my regular thought patterns but I'm depressed.  It has got to be a chemical reaction to coming off the meds. 

I did find out that Cymbalta is chemically different than the generic crap the insurance company would pay for.  I also discovered that they will supply 30 days worth of pills for free and it comes in a much lower dose than the generic stuff I took.  So I'm going to give it another whirl.  I downloaded the coupon off their website and I'm going to give the doc a call on Monday.  I'm going to insist on the lowest does they have and then cut the pills in half.  The fact that all the joint pain and nausea went away and I was in a great mood yesterday makes me want to try again.  I like it when my body doesn't hurt.

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