Monday, January 10, 2011

The Week in Review

I've been thinking about my week.  Here is a recap:  Monday and Tuesday woke up with tons of energy, could have bounced off the walls but restrained myself, very very happy, couldn't sit still (i.e. not my normal self); Wednesday crashed hard, slept all day, couldn't get out of bed; Thursday still crashed but managed to get out of bed, took two naps during the day, dragging; Friday still crashed but had to go to Boston to meet with lawyer, got brain fogged after only half an hour of talking, had to sleep when I got home; Saturday woke up with a massive headache, got so bad I had to lie in bed with eyes closed, took migraine meds; Sunday fine back to normal energy and happiness levels.

Now, if I didn't know any better I swear I was hopped up on adrenaline the first two days and then suffered the crash afterwards.  It wasn't my normal happy it was wired can't sit down bursting at the seams happy.  I don't think this is a pacing problem.  I think it might be a body chemistry problem.  I am not normally like that.  Today was one of my normal days, slightly sleepy, slightly foggy, slightly dizzy and generally in a good mood with enough energy to shower, make tea and sit in a car for a ride.  Bouncing off the walls is definitely NOT my new normal.  I've talked about this feeling a bit manic depressive.  It is almost like the physical version of it rather than the psychological one.

I can hardly wait to talk to the CFS specialist about it.  I'm seeing her on Tuesday and I'm all excited.  I'm actually trying to make myself tired so she sees in bad shape with the shakes and not being able to talk.  I already told hubby he HAS to go in with me if I'm going to make myself that bad.  I can't even talk properly when I'm like that.  Its a tough call; being able to communicate like an intelligent human being or showing up in obviously bad shape but not being able to discuss things. 

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