Thursday, January 20, 2011

Second Set of Puzzle Pieces

I talked with the Rheumetologist yesterday.  All my tests came back.

Parvovirus is negative
Inflammation markers still elevated but still trending downwards
Vitamin D is low 24

She doubled my vitamin D dose from 1000IUs/day to 2000IUs/day and wants me to have a brain MRI and a neuro consult.  I don't remember her exact words but she is not taking me on as a patient.  She is only consulting and my primary is going to have to arrange the follow up tests.  So I've been dumped by another doctor.

My blood work also came back from my primary and I have low iron levels, 35, but my B12 is back in to the normal range, 512.  Also tested negative again for Celiac by blood test.  Interesting thing the endo doc mentioned that if one of the Ig number is off it will skew the Celiac test.  She is going through my charts to see what my blood tests showed.  I know the ID doc ran those.

So here is where I stand:
No infectious diseases
No bacterial infections
No viral infections that they can test for.  So far all docs have refused to order the XMRV test.
Malabsorption of B12, iron and D
Positive Fibromyalgia points
Elevated inflammation markers
Thyroid numbers have returned to normal
B12 is back in normal range

My To Do List:
Still waiting on the endo tests: blood work for thyroid and pituitary function and saliva tests for cortisol levels
Ultrasound of thyroid is scheduled for one week from this Friday
Need a rheumetologist and neurologist and a brain MRI
Trying to schedule a colonoscopy cuz primary thinks something is wrong with my plumbing because of all of the malabsorption issues
Trying to schedule a neuropsych test to demonstrate cognitive decline for LTD
Follow up with Endo doc is the first Monday of February.  I'm going to ask her to put together team Chronic Pride

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