Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sacred Healing Prayer Shawl

My friend came over for a visit today.  In her hands was a lovely pale yellow knit object made from incredibly soft yarn.  I could tell it was handmade by the fancy stitch work.  She hands me this beautiful thing and tells me that she got me a Healing Shawl.  Such a little thing means so much to me these days.  It is a sign of friendship, of caring, of good wishes.  We were supposed to watch a movie but we sat talking for five hours instead.  We really do enjoy each others company a lot and don't see nearly enough of each other.  After she left I read the card that was attached to the new lovely gift and I cried.

As you wrap yourself in your prayer shawl....  May you be surrounded by its love, enfolded by its prayer, embraced by its warmth and cradled in its softness.  Let it be your sacred place where you can meet with your God and receive the healing energy you need to bring you into wholeness and wellness on every level of your being.
May this shawl bring you comfort and joy in every moment of your blessed life and remind you that someone really cares.
Background: Shawls have been made for centuries and provide warmth and comfort to the wearer.  Prayer shawls have been given during illness, recovery and loss, as well as during times of accomplishment, joy and celebrations.  Each shawls has been made by a volunteer who has hand knitted a prayer for your healing and well being.
Created for you with thoughts of blessings, light and love. 
-The Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism

Friends like this are so precious.  A gift from God.  I am very very lucky.

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