Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CFIDS Christmas

My Christmas Tree
Yes, that is one of those trees that you are supposed to put on your lawn.  Please note the lights not working on the top tier and the fact that there are only decorations on the section of the tree that can be reached when seated in the adjacent chair.  I was informed at the beginning of December that I had no job and no LTD hence the lack of presents under the tree.  Most of what is there was sent by my mom and sister.  Bless their wonderful hearts.  I also got a lovely flower arrangement from my brother in law which was totally unexpected and made me cry.  He found out how sick I was and sent this:

Despite being sick and suddenly having no income Christmas was wonderful.  I think it was because we went into it with no expectations.  We knew there wouldn't be a big party.  We knew there wouldn't be any presents.  So we were happy when we got a little extra money from plowing and could go out and buy a few things.  We were happy when we got to have a wonderful dinner.  We were happy that I felt well on Christmas day.  We were happy when we went on a drive to look at the neighborhood Christmas lights.  We were happy when friends came over and made us a big turkey dinner because I was too sick to cook.  We were happy when a neighbor sent over a homemade GF cake.  As my husband says "its the simple things" that bring real joy to our lives.

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  1. I'm glad you had a nice Christmas despite your circumstances. Joy can be found in the small driving around looking at the Christmas lights.

    I hope you are feeling good today.