Monday, January 3, 2011

A Day On the Internet

I have spent all day (except for grocery shopping and making dinner) on the internet.  I just didn't feel like watching TV or reading books today so I've been online for twelve hours.  You would think I would have run out of stuff to do by now but I haven't.  I've read the news.  I've read Dear Abby.  I've read the chronic blogs.  I've read the skating blogs.  I've written a post on my food blog and updated the tips page.  I've commented on numerous blogs ranging from holiday wishes to the first time I was on the ice when I was 2.  I read through Amazon's recommendations for me and gone book shopping putting several new titles on my wish list.  Even listened to some music samples.  I've looked at random pictures on imgur and posted weirdness on Facebook.  I've written emails to my friends.  I've been distracted by cats on YouTube.  My brain has finally turned to mush and my ass hurts so I think I am finally going to have to call it quits for the night.  Besides, I'm hungry so in the tradition of computer geeks everywhere I'm off to have my midnight bowl of cereal and settle down with my cat in front of the tube for a while.

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