Saturday, January 22, 2011


I'm feeling generally beaten down by my illness today.

  • Woke up with my hands aching like crazy.  Aspirin didn't touch it.  I finally rubbed some Trameel on and it helped a little.  Keeping them warm has helped the most.
  • Had to stay in bed today.  Too tired to do anything.
  • Missed the photography show I wanted to go to.  It was an alum club thing so I would have met other women from my college that live near me.  An opportunity to make new friends.
  • Missed the community theatre show hubby is doing sound for tonight.  Again another meet and greet missed.
  • Kid is cranky cuz he thinks I don't need a wheelchair and he shouldn't have to push me around in one.
  • Can't type well cuz my hands hurt too much.
  • I'm looking at way too many medical visits in the upcoming month.
  • Just got the paperwork for my colonoscopy.  There is only one medical procedure that I hate more than this, an EMG.  That is where they stick electrodes in your muscles and shock you to see if your muscles and nerves work and it hurts like hell!  I guess I should be thankful that I don't need one of those.
Things I should be grateful for:
  • hubby actually laid down in bed next to me today just to keep me company
  • I had a wonderful dinner of Thai ginger chicken and rice that my kid went and got for me
  • My cats keep me company
  • I only in annoying pain not excruciating pain
  • I do have good days now and again
  • I can still watch movies and TV which I like doing
  • I learned all about olive oil while listening to America's Test Kitchen on the radio today
  • I can read books which I like doing
  • I got some good movies from the library to watch.  I saw Ironman and the English version of Death at a Funeral and Two Weeks Notice which I am about to watch again.
  • I have an awesome Mum who knitted me wristies to keep my wrists and hands warm and are the bestest present she has ever given me.
  • The shawl my friend gave is me amazingly soft and warm and pretty and I love it.
  • It was sunny today.


  1. Sometimes the only thing we can do on yucky days is to remember that we do have a lot to still be thankful for.

    I'm sorry you are having a bad day. Hope tomorrow is a better one.

  2. Thanks. I saw this one coming. I pushed too much the last couple of days so I only have myself to blame. Wish I could get rid of this illness.